True Success

And the art of heart-centered living

What is success?

What is truly the concept of success? For some it might be to have a house, a family and a decent income. For others it is striving for more money, more things, more luxury. Others might have fame in mind, wanting to be known by many, feared or adored. 

We can have dreams, ideas and ideals we try to reach, goals and New Year resolutions, five years plans and ten years mortgages. With the affluent information about what others are doing in their lives through the various social media platforms, we get more suggestions about success and about lifestyles that seemingly will make us happy. This gives us the possibility to find like-minded people, to get more ideas, to feel into different ways of living. However it also can be confusing and threaten our own personal sense of the right choice for our own truth. 

On my quest towards understanding success, I realized it is deeply connected to wanting happiness and love. Success is about being enough, and therefore being loved, and it is about striving for a life that will make us happy.

The irony of human life is: happiness is achievable at any moment of our lives. Right now, you have the ability to feel happy.

The irony of an external success is that it does not always lead to happiness.

Sure, it does help to be healthy and to be relatively wealthy in order to enjoy a certain form of freedom that can come with money, depending on the potential cage you have decided to inhabit in order to achieve those goals. This is not a post against money or wanting to have a business. However it is about redefining success. Joy is our birth right. It is a feeling a human body is capable of producing. And the easiest way I have found to create lasting happiness is connecting to my heart.

My external situation might not change, but within one minute of reconnecting to my heart, my quality of life can be uplifted instantly.

True success...

Success, I realized, is being in the now, connected to my heart. That connection will give me endless love, true joy and gratitude. It will also sometimes allow for all the colours of the emotional spectrum to enter me, as when we cut ourselves from our joy, we also tend to manage dampening pain and verse versa. I have found however, that a pain that I feel with all my heart is never a scary as a pain I try to suppress. 

And I would rather feel, deeply feel, and be truly connected to the flavour of my humanness than live in a washed-out version of my being. 

When I am connected to my heart, I have many more joyous moments in my day than if I was not connected to my heart and the now.

This is true success. This is true wealth. 

Out of this joy and inner connection, projects can evolve and be created, adventures can be undertaken, the family, the house or the business can have a place as well. 

But they are not the reason for the joy. The joy is the reason for them.

And suddenly “failure” does not exist, because nothing can threaten the heart out of you. 

Some situations might create clouds inside that hide it. But it is never gone, always there, and one always has the possibility to reconnect to the heart. Decisions might be different once you live from that space. Your personal “perfect” lifestyle might change, your priorities be turned upside down. 

But trust me, or better yet, trust you: true success lies within. And you can achieve it this very moment.

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