Full Body Orgasm

Welcome to the full body orgasm guided practice

This practice is designed to help you in experiencing full body orgasm and orgasmic states, where you sexual turn on can move through your entire body.

Now you can...


The Audio Practice - Full Body Orgasm

When/if you self pleasure during this practice...

Try to focus on relaxing your breath and lower belly from time to time, especially when you come closer to orgasm.

The Videos

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My Sensual Playlist on Spotify

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I have a Playlist called “Sensual Aphrodite by clara louisemarie” where I gather sexy, sensual music that I personally like to use often when doing my own sensual practices, maybe this list inspires you!


Some people find it more or less easy to visualize, don't worry about it.

Maybe you can actually feel energy/warmth/tingle and move the feeling.

You can also help guide your attention by using your hands to stroke your body.

Also visualization often gets easier as you practice it.

If you are pregnant it is recommended not to do any deep breathing exercises. You might need to adapt the practice for yourself of to wait until you have safely delivered your baby into the world.

If this practice doesn't feel right to you, follow your body's guidance and don't force yourself.

This kind of practice can release a lot of emotions, maybe some days your mind could want to do it, but your body could give you signals that it is not yet time to move more energy and create more change yet. Integration time might be necessary.

If you have any medical issue and are unsure about this, ask your doctor.

You also squeeze your PC muscles when you go to the bathroom and stop the flow of liquid. 

If you want to try squeezing only the muscles around your vagina and not your anus, try, outside of the audio practice, to squeeze your pc muscles when you exhale and release them when you inhale, it can make it easier to relax the anus.
Also try squeezing much softer to allow for more control over which area you are targeting.

You can do this practice as often as you want, it might feel better to avoid it during your period, as your energy naturally flows downwards, follow your body's wisdom.

You could practice also before or after lovemaking, or once you have aroused and self pleasured yourself, or as a little afternoon snack of sexual energy fuel!

If you are not used to circulating your energy and want to do this practice multiple times, you might need more time in between each practice to integrate your experiences and the changes that occur in your body.

You could do the entire practice with a Kegel or Yoni egg inside of your vagina, it will make it more intense.

You can stop the audio anytime if you want to stay and deepen any step of the process.

You can play around with the music that you choose to accompany your practice or play with using no music at all an really tuning into yourself and your own rhythm.

If it feel more natural to you to switch up the inhale, exhale and directions of the visualization, feel for yourself what you prefer. You could exhale the energy up and inhale it down or example.

You could circulate the energy up to your heart instead of up to your head for a few rounds, to activate and open your heart further.

Also if you feel that the energy stays "stuck" anywhere along your spine, you could circulate it up to that stuck point and back down over and over to release and open it. Please do this not forcefully but with a relaxed and loving attitude, there is nothing that needs to be "fixed".

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