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Inspiring Badasses

I really love this collection of interviews. The people you will meet here are inspiring amazing beings that have crossed my life and made an impact on me. It is such a joy for me to be able to record conversations with them in order to share some insightful moments with you!


So let's meet them!

Laura Stanszus - Femininity and Mindfulness

An inspiring interview about:

Find Laura here:

Mia Mor - A Modern Dakini

Today let’s talk shadows and integration. The subjects of today:

Rai Dass - In a Bulgarian Ashram

Dive into the Bulgarian mountains, in an Ashram tinted with Indian philosophy. 

Find Rai Dass and his Ashram here:

Nadja - Big Self-Love Talk

A spontaneous conversation between Nadja and I about the topic of Self love from different angles 

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