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I have created some powerful online courses in german and english to share some of the knowledge I feel can really enhance a woman’s life.

3 Months Mentorship

A uniquely customized intensive mentorship

A deeply transformative journey to reclaim and reignite the sanctitude of your body. Become more of who you truly are, let your body be your palace. 

  • Integrate sexuality
  • Realigne with your body's wisdom
  • Let your brain truly support you


Welcome to your inner palace

It is my deepest wish to accompany you on you journey towards yourself, not by bypassing your challenges and “negative” emotions through distraction and constant positive thinking, but by really diving into the core of your beliefs and realigning even more your connection to your body.

My Book

Clara LouiseMarie Book

Flügel und Käfige

In diesem Buch erzähle ich, mit einem Gemisch aus Erzählung und Tagebuch-Einträge, von meiner Erkrankung an einer Essstörung und mein Wg zur vollständigen Heilung.

  • Erfahre meine Geschichte
  • Lerne mehr über Essstörungen
  • Entdecke Erkenntnisse, die dich vlt. persönlich betreffen

Live Events

Workshops and talks happening this year.

Free Challenge

Inner Palace 9 Days Challenge

Discover a life-enhancing free challenge for you to dive deeper into your inner palace. We will connect through inspiring emails, videos and guided meditations in the three aspects of the inner palace concept:

  • Sexuality
  • Sensing
  • Thinking