3 Months Intensive Mentorship to Reignite and Reclaim the Sanctitude of your Body.


...You felt truly at home in the luxury of your own body

...You could connect to your higher intelligence to make the decisions that deeply align with the truest version of your being

...You felt connected to and proud of your sensual self

...You had unshakable confidence to unapologetically show up in the world as your Self

A Uniquely Customized Mentorship

With this mentorship, I want to give a few dedicated individuals the possibility to go for a full intensive transformation. A transformation towards the person you truly are. Become more of who you are and access your full potential.


One-on-one sessions

Private E-Mail support

Customized tools and practices

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Stranger in the world?

When "normal" doesn't feel "normal" anymore...

We live in a world were many messages and ideals are put into our minds very early on. In a loud, mind-centered world, it is often difficult to listen to the voice deep within, the one that whispers your Truth into your ear.

It can be easy to start demonizing the body or using it as a trap to attract love and attention from others. It can be easy to disconnect from our hearts and give more allegiance and power to the words our mind speaks.

It can be easy to feel lonely, to fear being unloved, to create goals just in the hopes of happiness, to lead lives as if we were strangers to ourselves and to always feel a bit odd for still not fitting in.

But this doesn’t have to be anyone’s reality.

Are you ready to become more of who are?


A Journey Inward

Are you yearning for depth, a reconnection to your body, heart and soul, an understanding of your truth and intuition, a safe space to explore within, a deepening unlike any you have allowed yourself to experience so far? If you feel called towards this mentorship, embrace this gift for your soul.


It is the fuel of your creativity and livelihood. It is a challenge. and a treasure.


It is the feeling of being you. Your body's way of giving you directions. The arrow of your compass.​


The mind is a translator and a directory. A precious instrument to the one who can play it.

A journey within

This is not a journey about blasting my beliefs on you. It is a path of discovering your own Truth, your Power and an unshakable confidence.

All at the pace your system is ready for, with support also for the integration of the changes and insights you will explore.

It is about knowing what you really want. A celebration of your unique essence, potential and of your capacity for joy.

It is a path towards a deep self-mastery and a reunion with your body temple.

It is a key to your heart, a gateway to your sensual self, a gift for your soul.



Learn to take off your mask, especially when facing yourself


Discover and deepen your capacity to be both a passionate fire and a safe container. Find your personal balance between kindly holding yourself and letting go.


Tap into your sexuality, reconnect to your deepest power. Enter your womb space and your body.


It is time to be fully anchored in the present. It is in this state that you can truly access all your wisdom, energy and joy. Being anchored doesn’t mean ignoring past and future, it means acknowledging that life, change and each breath you take happens in the Now.

what others say

“My first session with Clara, I immediately felt comfortable with her. She has such a calming and grounded presence, and she made me feel so safe during the session. I was able to fully surrender to the experience, and I cried almost the whole time, which was such a big deal for me to feel safe to do that because I usually don’t let myself cry in front of other people.

During the session, Clara guided me into the emotional sensations I was feeling around certain traumas I’ve experienced, and as we worked through them, I began to feel my solar plexus chakra opening up and expanding. I released so much and left the call feeling so spacious and light. The insights I had with Clara have allowed me to make some huge shifts in my life. Weeks later, I have still been feeling the effects of that first session, and I can’t wait to work with her again.”


“Clara has the wonderful gift to hold space and to give a moment the chance to unfold itself. In the coachings it was always fascinating for me how she would intuitively truly see me and recognize things. Through the sessions I now feel more connected to myself. I feel myself more as a whole, as she has included more than just my words in the coachings. Because of that, my own ability to perceive myself has become more subtle and I can sense even smaller shifts and changes when they happen in me.”


“Clara has the capacity to quickly create a deep space of trust. She manages to invite emotions bring things in motion with her calm and empathic voice. One really realizes that she has access to both well-established knowledge and experiences. I experienced my session as being extremely enriching! Meaning: ten out of five possible review stars”


“My exchanges with Clara have unlocked many hidden doors within me. What fascinates me most about her, is her natural gift to approach even the most difficult themes gently and a kind tenderness that I have rarely seen. She also sees to the heart of things quickly and in her presence I feel safe to go there too.”


3 Month Mentorship Application

At no Cost and no Obligations


How do I know if this is really for me ?

You can trust that your life guides you towards expansion. You found this page, you were interested enough to read this FAQ, if on top of it you feel a pull towards this, it’s for you. You can fill the application and we will have a call together so that you can get more informations and we can get to know each other and see if it fits.

What makes this mentorship unique ?

This mentorship is highly supportive, you get an exclusive one-on-one support from me with regular sessions and private E-mail support. You also get customized tools and practices like recorded guided meditations or affirmations for example, so that this mentorship can be effective for YOU.

What tools do I need to join ?

The Sessions happen via Skype, therefore a quiet space, internet and computer/smartphone are what you’ll need. A notebook or paper is recommended. I might give you book recommendations or incorporate aroma- or lithotherapy or other supportive tools as a possibility, but those are optional and adapted to you.

I don't feel connected to my body, is this still for me?

Yes! The great thing about this mentorship is that it is fully adapted to you. If you have a human body, which I will assume you do, as dogs and Cactuses have been proven illiterate so far, YOU CAN CONNECT TO YOUR BODY! You are very welcome here. If you feel called to do this mentorship, your body is probably screaming for this reconnection!

Is the mentorship only in english?

The mentorship can also be in german or french if you feel more comfortable with one of these languages.

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