December 17th, Sensual Advent Calendar - Replay

The Replay

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Time Stamps - here is what we talked about and when

(The informations about sexuality start after my story, so 34 min in)

0-2 min intro
2 min little guided voice exercise to connect to the body
7:30 min my story
34:15 min the effects of body work for spirituality (still from my story)
37:30 what makes sex good (according to me) and feeling safe 
42:30 your body is never wrong – when the vagina doesn‘t „function“
46 min self pleasure and the full „yes“
47:30 all the orgasms and dearmoring

Q&A section:

53:30 min how does the yoni egg work (also check out my yoni egg video on my youtube channel „clara the temple within“ and also if you speak german „warum yoni ei – clara louisemarie“)
59 min feeling tension in a sexy situation with so.
1:00:50 Letting go of thoughts during sex & trust
1:04:50 Decrease in libido
1:06:40 is there collective trauma 
1:12:45 „feminine“ spirituality and how sensuality is spiritual
1:16 The Sensual Wisdom Mentorship 2021
1:18:30 Guided exercise for subtlety


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