Sensitive breasts

and tantra

I’m really excited to talk about breasts today!

I think we need to talk about breasts more, and not only as beautiful pieces of the human body.

They can be sagging they can be small, they can be huge, they can be shaped in different ways, they can have all kinds of nipple, sizes and colors. It doesn’t matter, their beauty also lies in their enormous potential for lust, pleasure and erotic


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I’m glad to announce to you that there is already a breast massage article and video on this site, so if you want to go ahead and learn how to touch your own breast or someone else’s breasts, you can find that article and video here.
I also have a (free) breast activation practice, which is a guided practice for yourself to touch your own breasts, and I really recommend it. You can find that here.

Numbness and potential

Our breasts are not just for breastfeeding, or for looking good, our breasts have the capacity to be extremely pleasurable, extremely orgasmic. Also, they are a gateway to our heart chakra, a breast massage can therefore also influence our heart openness. 

However, for many women, the breasts can be quite insensitive or not very lustful, or they simply could become even more sensitive than they already are.

My breasts used to be kind of numb, I didn’t really have any connection to them and I often wished for them to be bigger.
I just didn’t really have a connection to them, and when I got touched there, I didn’t feel much it didn’t turn me on much at all. 
I gained sensitivity in my breasts thanks to two important things I incorporated in my life, which I will talk about later in this article. 

First, I want to talk a bit more about how awesome breasts are!


Tantra and penetration

In Tantra, they say that the women’s body has a plus pole in the chest area, the breasts, and a minus pole at the level of her pelvis, and that men have their plus pole around the penis and their minus pole at the chest.

They say that a woman will usually get aroused in the breasts first and then in the vagina, and that a man will first get aroused in his penis and testicle area, and then the (sexual) energy can go up into his chest. 
What is interesting about this is that women are actually capable of penetration. We can penetrate a man, another woman, the world… 

Because a woman’s plus pole is at the level of the breasts, that is the part of the body with which a woman will more naturally be able to penetrate.

Also, while having intercourse, or even kissing and exchanging energy, it will be more natural and easy for a woman to penetrate with the breasts and with the energy of the chest, and men will be more easily be able to penetrate with their penis.

If we take a look at a male and female body, this is easy to see on the physical level. Women go outwards with their breasts and men go outwards with their penis. 


More about penetration

You can create a loop between two people by her penetrating him with her chest into his chest and him penetrating her with his penis into her vagina.
The vagina is a very receptive part of the woman’s body and the chest is more naturally receptive for a man’s body.

Of course, you can always switch these receptive poles around and exchange roles, and also create a loop like this in a same sex constellation.

When a man and a woman sleep together and both of their chests and hearts are closed, you have a one sided kind of thing going on, where the men penetrates the woman, and where she isn’t able of releasing energy back to him. 
It becomes a one sided type of energetic exchange which might not feel the best and might also overload with energy and emotions the woman that has been penetrated.

It’s always great to have an open heart, and a way to do that is through breast massage and through having a good connection with your breast, because they are directly influencing the openness of the heart chakra. 


How to sensitize the breasts – The bra

The first of my two tips is to not wear a bra, or wear a different kind of bra.
This was a game changer for me, a tremendously important step in accepting and loving my breasts. 
Sometimes I like to dress up and wear a bralette, but it’s really not an everyday kind of thing for me. I have small breasts, so they can hold themselves without extra support. 

Try maybe taking off your bra when you’re at home, or if you’re someone who likes to sleep with a bra, try and see if you can sleep with a bra that is a little bit less supportive or to remove it completely. It might feel a little strange at first.

Bras put pressure on the chest and especially bras with wires are putting pressure on the area underneath and on the sides of the breasts, which is super important, because the lymphatic system runs through there. Massaging that area every time you remove your bra can help the blood to flow again.

You might want to look at what kind of support you truly need and remove your bras in certain situations of your life, for example at home, or switch to a more gentle bra.

I don’t know what kinds of size of breasts you have, what kind of bra you need. I’m not saying that every woman should remove their bras because they are there for support and they are helpful, but we can tend to overdo the support sometimes, and it puts pressure on the chest and inhibits the blood flow. When there’s more blood flow, the nerve endings are activated.


How to sensitize the breasts – Touch

The second thing I did that really made a difference in the sensitivity of my breast was to give myself breast massages, and for a while I did this daily
I often would use a little bit of oil and massage or caress my breasts.
I have a breast massage article and video on this site. 

The important thing is to make sure that the blood is flowing, especially when you take off your bra at the end of the day, and also to stimulate the skin so that the connection between your breasts and your brain can be enhanced.

What you can also do if you want to enhance the pleasure in your breasts, is to do like a mix of touching yourself on your clitoris, or wherever you like to touch yourself to feel pleasure and lust, and at the same time to stimulate your breasts. 

I hope this article was helpful!

Here is a breast activation guided practice and here is the breast massage article.


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