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Today is all around breast massage and about how to touch a woman’s breasts, be they your own or not.
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Before you Start

If you’re giving someone a breast massage or touching someone’s breasts, the most important thing you need to do is to check out her reaction, as each woman might have a different reaction to the same touch. 
Even the same woman can react differently each day, especially because throughout the menstrual cycle the breasts become more or less (pain-) sensitive. Certain things might be really pleasurable one moment, and a week later be kind of painful.

For a breast massage you might want to use some oil because the skin on the breasts is very sensitive.

How to do it

My first trick is to not touch right away.
You want to create some anticipation, and here are two ways to do that:

The first one is to touch around the breasts, to tease by caressing near the breasts without yet reaching them. 

The second thing that you can do is to hover. You can even rub your hands together or visualize energy going into them and hover a couple of centimeters above the skin. This creates a lot of anticipation and it’s really beautiful to do for yourself as well as for someone else. 

Touching the Breasts

When massaging the breasts you can go in circles. 

You can also cup the breasts and shake them a little bit.
It’s especially good if you’re doing it for yourself, it might not feel so great if someone else is doing it for you but you can try it. 

You can also massage underneath the armpits when massaging yourself, it’s easier to find the right tension and what feels good. 

It helps blood flow and also the lymphatic system, especially if you’ve been wearing a bra all day. It’s a really good way to wake up the breasts and give them some blood flow again

You might also want to massage underneath the collarbone and check out all the parts that feel good. It’s actually easier to give yourself a breast massage than give it to someone else. But you can try it out and give feedback so that the person giving you the massage is finding the right places and the right tension points and the right pressure.

You can also stroke the breasts, especially in the part from the nipple up where the skin is more sensitive. That’s where you might want to do a little bit more of a feather light stroking.

Touching the Nipples

The nipples are sort of the tip of the iceberg, it’s usually through nipple stimulation that a woman will experience a breast orgasm, and there are various ways to touch them. 

You can use the palm of your hands, while imagining energy flowing into your palms and go in circles around the nipples. 

You can also use one or two fingertips and circling the breasts, come closer and closer to the nipples and go around them on the areola.

It can also be really nice to pinch the nipples a little bit and roll them between two fingers. Again there are times when this is painful. Sometimes more harder things like pinching or biting can be pleasurable after the breasts and the nipples have been stimulated for a while. So maybe after 15 minutes for example, suddenly this kind of more intense harder touches can become really pleasurable, while in the beginning they might have been painful or uncomfortable.

You can also tap on the nipples or do mini circles on them with your fingertip. 

Can Breasts be Numb?

If you are giving someone a breast massage, on top of checking out her reaction, don’t take it too personally if she’s not reacting the way you expected her to.

It is not always the quality of the touch you give her that is the reason for her to not react to that touch, it can also be that her relationship to her breasts is not yet at a point where she will really be able to receive that touch and enjoy it. 
You want to continue giving her and her breasts love, appreciation and compliments, and, if she feels comfortable with it, regular touch.


If you’re giving yourself a breast massage for the first time and feel a little numb, keep touching yourself regularly and the sensitivity of your breasts and your capacity to feel pleasure, through breast stimulation will increase.
Don’t forget to also give them love, attention and non judgement every day!


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