Luxury is inside of you

The Inner Palace Triangle

This concept is the foundation of your palace, a guide to help and strengthen your ability to connect with yourself, feel expansion and be at ease within your own body. The triangle of Sexuality Sensing and Thinking is the base of this concept, a doorway to uncover the abundance of being you.



It is the fuel of your creativity and livelihood. It is a challenge. and a treasure.


It is the feeling of being you. Your body's way of giving you directions. The arrow of your compass.


The mind is a translator and a directory. A precious instrument to the one who can play it.


A great yoga teacher once told me:

“the way you practice on the mat, that’s how you are going to show up in life”. I really liked that idea. 

And I will be as daring as to say that sexuality holds a similar power: If in the mits of the most intimate connection with yourself and maybe with someone else you can manage to stay fully present, to allow all emotions, to trust and love and to speak up, there is a pretty good chance that that is going to show up in other areas of your life as well.

But what I also really love is that sexuality can serve as an incredible catalyst!

The level of energy that your turn on can provide is absolutely mind-blowing. In the tao teachings they say that your sexual energy is a forth of your overall energy. That sounds more powerful than a morning coffee! And most of us waste this by keeping it bellow the waist and playing with it when the lights are out. Imagine letting that liveliness grow and circulate through your entire body!

But that is not all there is to sexuality. Once that energy starts moving throughout your body, it can bring to light things well concealed in the hidden corners of your awareness. Touch can also disroot well preserved tensions and memories, clandestine between muscles and nerves.

Sexuality can be your treasure, one that keeps on unfolding its jewels in the depth of and between your every cell.


How does it feel like to inhabit your body?

How wide is your breath, heavy you stomach, tingling your legs and warm your chest? How comfortably can you sit inside of yourself, observing the space between your bones and your cells? How does fear feel like? And excitement? How does love feel like?

Sensation is the feeling of being you. It is your body’s way of giving you directions. The arrow of your compass.

Does your body feel spacious? Is it more a palace or a dusty attic? When things get more difficult, how tight does it get inside of you? How thin does your breath dissolve, how much of yourself retrieves in your headspace, how closely do you hear the whisper of your intuition?

Sensation is also touch, taste, smell, vision and sound. It is the gift of being human, the precious spectrum of the physical feast.

A strong connection to the body can help to feel grounded, safe and at home.


The mind. Demonized by some

Praised by others, that wonderful instrument of dreams and wandered off disarray.

The mind is a translator and a directory, it is at the tip of our free will, the one who ends up making the decisions.


It can visualize and manifest, it creates realities and confuses emotions. The mind can learn and burry, dance and tremble, create dead-end streets and narrow alleys. It can blow open hidden spaces and hug lost memories, the mind can help to love and help to live, it can set intentions and bring attention, the mind can decide to soften and quiet, to rage and hurry, to listen and to speak.


The mind can help to understand sensation, translating intuition, organizing creativity and allowing action. It is a precious instrument to the one who can play it.

All those emotions...

It can be tempting to overlook the darkness, focussing on the bliss by bypassing with meditation. But contrast is what makes us whole and humans on this planet do have both light and shadow.

Let us really look at the so called “negative” emotions and thoughts, not in order to shame them, but so that we can fully understand and acknowledge them. This way they can stop being a threat and start regaining their rightful place: the place of a thought or emotion, nothing less and nothing more.

Let us know how to tickle them out of their hiding caves, how to allow them to be validated and let us also learn how to transcend and release them when time is ripe to do so.

The triangle

Your palace and your balance

The Balance between stillness and movement, observation and flow, holding and creating.

Knowing how to loosen up trauma, letting a raging force circulate your body and tapping into a huge source of livelihood can be a high. Connecting to our sexual force and re-inviting the body to speak up can tend to feel quite chaotic and to stir up some long buried memories.


That is why it is really important to also know how to deal with that revival. How to actually allow yourself to be both a dancing fire and a safe container. Knowing not only how to turn yourself on, but how to hold yourself well.


The triangle not only represents your palace, but also portrays a balance inside each of us. Allowing us to enjoy, to move, to feel, but also to contain and witness. The frame of the triangle holds and contains the endless possibilities that can manifest inside of it.

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