Full body orgasm

How To Have One & What It Is

What the *** is that?

Basically, a full body orgasm is when orgasmic pleasure is expanded throughout your entire body, and therefore it’s not located in your genitals anymore, but your entire body feels alive, in full pleasure and bliss. 

That pleasure feeling that spreads throughout your entire body as if life was moving through you, can sometimes last for hours. 

There is not really the peak explosion quickly dissolving we know from most genital based orgasms. It’s more like waves going through the body

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How to Have a Full Body Orgasm

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In short, there are three really important keys to a full body orgasm: pleasure, breath and edging.

Get yourself aroused. 

You can do this in your usual way, but in this practice it’s quite helpful to be very present with your body, so you might want to be a little bit slower.You might also want to incorporate sound by moaning and to let your spine move your body.

You really want your body to stay relaxed, for you muscles not to tense up. A lot of people tense their muscles when they come closer to orgasm, for a full body orgasm, that tension blocks the pleasure from moving through the entire body.

Once you start feeling a bit of pleasure arising, you can imagine that the pleasure you have is going up your spine, and back down through the front of your body towards your pussy. 
You can link that visualization with your breath, for example breathing in, the energy goes up your spine, and breathing out, it goes down the front of your body, or the other way around. 

You keep looping and circulating the energy and the pleasure like that throughout your entire torso and head.

Then you can build up your arousal up to a point where you come near the orgasm. 
Once there, you want to edge, which means that you don’t go over to orgasm but you stay in that heightened state of pleasure.

While you’re edging, you want to move the sexual energy that resides in your genitals throughout your body. 
You can do that with your breath but also with your mind, imagining the sexual energy in your genitals moving up throughout your torso and your arms and also down to your legs. 

You can also touch yourself there, moving physically that energy with your hands throughout your entire body. 

To help you stay in that heightened state of pleasure without having an orgasm, you can relax your breathing and breathe deeper and longer. 

you can try to edge a couple times.
At the end of this you can still also have an orgasm if you want to, it might feel a bit different than usual. 

Similarly than with a yoga practice, you also want to give yourself a little bit of integration time right afterwards, for example by laying down in stillness for a few minutes. 

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