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Feminine Cycle

Reclaim Your Feminine Power

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What if I told you
That your feminine cycle
 Is the gateway
To your true potential,
Strengths and gifts?



Into your body's magic

  • Discover the advantages of your feminine cycle for your health, business, relationships and self-growth.
  • Tune into the power of being a woman to become the badass you are meant to be.
  • Inhabit your body in a new way for true confidence.

Learn how to THRIVE being a woman in a male dominated world 
How to RIDE the waves of your hormones for optimum vitality
How to LOVE your cycle.

Do you sometimes beat yourself up because you feel inconsistent in your work?
Do you feel angry at yourself that you can’t keep your fitness routine under control?
Do you at times feel overwhelmed and even underwhelmed?
Do you feel frustrated by fluctuating moods and energy levels?

It is time 
To stop trying to be a man
And to truly embrace the gifts of your feminine body
To access the gateway to your innate power
To create the life you want.

I too, didn't know

I used to despise the changes of my body. It felt scary and out of control, so I tried to keep myself from becoming a woman by under-eating (and overworking).
Even after starting on the path to self love and doing spiritual practices, I often disconnected from my body.

I had to dive into my sexuality and into my cycle to really enter myself and inhabit my body fully.
Today, I love being a woman, I feel confident about my body in a way that goes beyond physical appearances, and I use my cycle to create my business and life with more ease.

And today, I feel that it is time to share
Not only what I learned
But how you can find answers yourself
Within Your Self.

And so, this course was born.

We live in a world today, where “do, do do!” seems to be a general mantra in most people minds, where burnout is a rising topic and the daily use of coffee the most self-evident tool for continuing to function. 
We learn to keep up routines, stay consistent, do the same things everyday until we reach our goals.
And while these principles work for some people, they can be detrimental or even counter effective for others. There is no denying that today’s society lacks healthy boundaries and lifestyles for all genders, but especially for women, the idea of repeating the same rules, tasks and routines everyday is a sure way to not access your full potential at all and to unnecessarily exhaust yourself.
We women have the process of creation printed in our bodies. We are made to create. And when we don’t use that ability to have new life grow in our belly, we can use that potent energy and pre-defined cycle of creation to build the life we want.
In this course, I want to give you accessible, easy to integrate tools to transform your work life, your fitness goals, your relationships and your self confidence. I have also included some deep, more spiritual practices to help connect to your intuition, your inner wisdom and to dip onto the mystical aspects of living in a woman’s body. There is no obligation or expectation for you to do or watch all of what I propose in the course though.
If you feel scared or hesitant to do this course but at the same time feel an excitement inside of you, this is a clear sign that growth is coming and that this is for you.

In this course you'll find...

This is a 4-weeks course.
You will receive videos, weekly live calls (that will be recorded and accessible even if you can’t make it), downloadable meditations and “homework” assignments to help you integrate the seeds of this course into your life. 
You will also receive access to a private facebook group with all the women taking part in the course for sisterhood support and the possibility to share your experiences with other women.

HD Videos

Weekly Live Calls

Downloadable Guided Meditations

Practical Exercises

Community Group

I am right by your side with a private email access

week 1 - health

Understand your cycle to go through life with more energy, to have a healthy weight and body and to stabilize your emotional state.

  • Get to know your cycle
  • Discover how to stabilize your mood
  • Be satisfied with your food with cyclical eating
  • Get Intuitive eating promps
  • Exercise and move for better results
  • Extra help if you have an irregular/no cycle
  • Find out more about contraception and your possibilities

+live call
+meditation for intuitive eating
+printable food & fitness recommendations


week 2 - Creation

Ride the waves of your cycle to connect to your creativity at work, to bring more depth and clarity into your relationships and to enhance your spiritual practice.

  • Embrace your cycle for more and easier productivity
  • Discover the natural feminine cycle of creativity
  • Learn how your cycle can influence your social calendar for deeper connections
  • Access deeper intimacy and romantic relationships
  • Find out how to optimize your self growth and inner work practices by learning about the changes of our female brain throughout the monthly cycle.
+live call
+Tune in to your creative essence meditation
+Helpful printable overview 

week 3 - Journeying deeper

Connect to your feminine body and wisdom to feel your inner guidance and deeply rooted confidence in your day to day life

  • Experience your monthly period as a source of self discovery and natural retreat
  • Navigate cramps, PMS and other un-comfortabilities and turn them into a helpful mirror of your inner state
  • Learn how to connect to your womb
  • Learn how to harness the energy of your cycle to expand your life’s work
  • Experience ancestral healing to free yourself of your family’s ideas about womanhood
  • Connect to the moon and earth as important allies of your body to energize yourself

week 4 - Integration

Integrate your feminine essence into today’s world and connect to your solar essence to direct your energy, clarify your vision and reach your life’s mission.

  • Explore your Cervix as a sacred doorway to the womb for mind- bending bliss and orgasms
  • Discover the Hara, the center of your power, to store and access energy
  • Support your life purpose by merging your lunar and solar energies
  • Strengthen your solar plexus for increased self-confidence and natural self-discipline 
  • Recap your findings from this course to integrate them into your life long term

So you'll have

Are you ready?

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I don't have a cycle at the moment, is this still for me?

Yes! We are going to go over the most frequent reasons why women loose their cycle. 
This course is intented for all women in their reproductive years. If you are not in your reproductive years anymore but feel called to do this course, you are still welcome and you could sync up with the cycle of the moon instead, just know that the content of the course is created for women who have a cycle or could have a cycle.

What if I can't make it to the live call, will there be a recording?

Yes, the live calls will be recorded and available even if you can’t take part in them. You can also submit your questions via email if you can’t ask them personally on the calls.

How much time do I need for the course ?

You can choose how intensely and quickly you want to go through the course. Because you have lifelong access, you can go at it at your own pace. Because the live calls and the facebook group you might want to be a bit up to date with the group, and I will highlight a few videos and practices each week for you to be able to do a quick version of the course if you have little time.

I have a busy life, will there be things I can still implement in my life ?

Yes! this course is all about implementing it all in our day to day life, no matter your life circumstances. There will be an emphasis on that.

I don't feel very connected to my (woman's-) body, is this still for me ?

Yes! Do come!

What tools do I need to join ?

You only need a computer, wifi connection and, if necessary for privacy, some headphones.

I have more questions

Write me an email under the contact page!

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