How to use your body to make these times easier?

Today, fear and a feeling of disempowerment can be quite prevalent. We start to make ourselves smaller, to go into hiding mode, to distrust anybody that pulls out a tissue paper. Here are a few ways through which you can utilize your body to feel more powerful in those days (and any day)

Are you breathing right?

Are you breathing shallow little careful breaths or taking in the life that it still vibrating around you?

When you are alone, breathe. Breathe deeply. Take in as much air as you can. 

When we are afraid, we deny ourselves the right to breathe fully. Especially when faced with a virus that influences our lungs, especially when being careful about not sharing oxygen with anybody else.


Breathe yourself free. 

It will relax your nervous system, strengthen your immune system and very importantly, ease your mind.

How are you moving?

When you are at home, observe your body. Are you sitting straight? Are you taking space, moving around a little, stretching yourself tall? 

Stretch, move, dance. Allow yourself to feel freedom, even if you have to stay home. Feel the freedom of moving your limbs in new ways, of feeling your muscles.


How safe does your body feel?

When we are afraid of catching an illness, our bodies become homes that feel unsafe. Will the virus break in, will my body be sick.

It is important to feel safe in our bodies, and

  • breathing,
  • moving,
  • crying,
  • feeding ourselves well,
  • shaking,
  • praying,
  • enjoying our sensuality,

those are ways to feel more at home, safe and grounded in ourselves.


One last thing I want to mention is fear

It is of course important to remember that we have the power to choose our state of mind. However, an over-focus on the positive isn‘t always, well, positive.

Sometimes we might be telling ourselves new stories but still having underlying, suppressed thoughts that are fearful. Or we feel the collective panic creeping in our own reality. It is important to not suppress these emotions. 

If you feel fear and realize that telling yourself a new story is not working, that your body is still holding on to stress, allow the fear to be expressed. 


Scream in a pillow, jump up and down until you feel your body relaxing, punch the air, cry, be with your fear, but be present with yourself in the process. 

You could put a timer on if you are afraid to stay stuck in the fear. 

Usually, emotions, when given the opportunity to be expressed, don‘t stay stagnant and start transmuting into better feeling emotions.
Fear is also energy, when you own your fear, you allow yourself to access this energy in you. 

This is also helpful:

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The enter your palace meditation also will help you feel safer in your body.


I hope this post was helpful, 

I wish you, your friends and families the best 

Much much love



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