Clara Louisemarie

"Your body is your Home,
let it be a Palace."


My name is Clara. I have the deep pull inside of me to help others reconnect to their bodies. After experiencing the complete isolation from my emotions and viewing my body as an enemy that needed to be tamed, I have discovered a true sense of love and gratitude for the home I inhabit. With it also the hidden mysteries, treasures of our human form, it’s incredible power, wisdom and potential.

I believe true change and true happiness need full integration and embodiment of mind body soul and a reconnection to our sexuality.


My Story,
why am I doing this?

After denying my body for years in my teenage years I eased into the remembrance of what it means to be truly alive and fully at home within myself.

I grew up in France, spending most of my childhood in a village in the south. I was a jovial kid, always inventing stories and running around our garden. When I was 10 we moved to Germany and that move was really hard for me. I tell move about this in my book, so I will keep it short: As soon as we arrived to Germany I started controlling most of what I did. I became a real perfectionist. When my body started changing with puberty, my control expended towards my body shape and I started dieting, fasting and lated binging/purging. At 17 I started my recovery. I remember the rush of emotions flowing back into my system, emotions I had suppressed for so long. After 9 months I continued my journey without professional support and luckily, life led me to the right places and people for me to complete my recovery and beyond. 

I knew after those first few therapy sessions that I wanted to become someone around the lines of a psychologist. I felt the calling deep inside of me that this was what I was meant to do: support others in reintegrating all aspects of themselves. Letting the tightness and hidden corners of our inner experience become spacious again.

My crazy and beautiful journey led me to more knowledge and discoveries than I ever dreamed of and i find myself writing these lines now for you to read.

My Training

This is a little recollection of some of my experiences and certificates.

But I would say the most important piece is the tried and tested methods I have used for myself and others to truly experience the shift in self perception and fundaments of self understanding necessary to become a master in reacting to any situation. It’s not about being perfect or always knowing what to do, it’s about knowing how to find the answers.

What now?

The ultimate self-pleasure Course for Women is happening!


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