Self Pleasure

6 Unusual Ways

Today I want to share some unusual ways to self pleasure.
Self pleasure can be exciting, varied and very, very hot when we allow ourselves to be as curious, explorative and present in our approach as we can be with sex.

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Use different items to touch your body

Instead of only touching yourself with your hands, try out using different fabrics, or maybe feathers, whatever is exciting for you to try touching yourself with.

The interesting thing about using a different object is that you can really focus on the feeling on the skin, since your fingertips are barely being stimulated, it’s almost as if someone else was touching you…

If  you’re using something internally later in your pleasure practice, so if you have Yoni egg or a dildo, you can also try touching yourself with those objects externally first, on your legs, breasts ect. 

Energetic touch

Try activating your hands by rubbing them together.
Can you anticipate your own touch? 
For example, before you start touching your breasts, feel the energy of your hands hovering above them, can you feel a tingling sensation?

You can also try sending energy down to your fingertips by imagining that electricity, warmth and attention is going down to your fingertips. This might make your own touch much more electric. 

Try out new fantasies

if you’re someone who likes to fantasize when you touch yourself, you might have a particular niche where you’d like to stay with your fantasies, and it can be fun to try out something new.
Try to imagine a different scenario.

Of course, if you’re used to always keeping a fantasy in mind or are always watching porn, it’s also interesting to try to see what it feels like for you to touch yourself while being fully present in the now, without holding any fantasy in your mind.

What can help is maybe using a mirror, or just having a little bit more stimulus like some incense, music or a soft blanket, to keep your senses alert and present, that helps to not accidentally start fantasizing. 

Include all body parts

Can you find the sexiness the orgasmicness (yes, I decided that this is a word now!) in your feet, in your hands, in your head? 
Maybe, touching around your eyes, or your throat. 
Can you find the orgasmicness of connecting to your ovaries, or touching parts of your pussy that you normally don’t include in your touch.

You could try to see what it feels like to touch all of your body parts with the intention of finding a way to touch them, and to look at them that feels the most pleasurable.

Dress up

Instead of going right to touching yourself, put on something sexy, as if you were dressing up for yourself.
You can even look at yourself in a mirror and practice eye gazing.


I love to connect to my body and my sexuality through dance and movement. Even at times when I don’t feel so sexy, it is a very helpful tool for me to drop back into myself.
Put on a track that feels sensual and pleasurable and roll your head, your spine, feel your body.

 I know it is not a particularly unusual thing to do, but I find dance to be very powerful and felt it needed a space in this article. Dance is a great warm-up to get all sexy and ready for more juicy time alone or with someone else

I hope you enjoyed this article and that it inspired new hot and steamy moments for your life!

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