Explore mindfulness and sexuality in a new way


The ultimate self-pleasure course for women

More than self-pleasure: an invitation into your most sensual self

Wether you are in a relationship or not

your self pleasure practice can set a whole new foundation for your sexuality.


You are sensitive and growth-oriented?

Maybe you have read countless self-help books
Went to spiritual workshops
And practice yoga regularly

And maybe you still feel there is something missing.

Some kind of juiciness, an inner feeling of sexy!


I'm Clara

I believe our bodies are a true gift and that they hold mysteries far greater than meet the eye.

 Our bodies are our homes, our palaces, our sacred spaces and the seat of our intuition.
I also believe that our sensuality is a gateway to this space, our inner power and ourselves.

I help women connect to their sexuality, sensual selves and unshakable confidence.

I believe in pleasure.
Do you?
Here is a gift for you

10 Minute Breast Activation Guided Practice


" The insights I had with Clara have allowed me to make some huge shifts in my life. "

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“My first session with Clara, I immediately felt comfortable with her. She has such a calming and grounded presence, and she made me feel so safe during the session. I was able to fully surrender to the experience, and I cried almost the whole time, which was such a big deal for me to feel safe to do that because I usually don’t let myself cry in front of other people.

During the session, Clara guided me into the emotional sensations I was feeling around certain traumas I’ve experienced, and as we worked through them, I began to feel my solar plexus chakra opening up and expanding. I released so much and left the call feeling so spacious and light. The insights I had with Clara have allowed me to make some huge shifts in my life. Weeks later, I have still been feeling the effects of that first session, and I can’t wait to work with her again.”


“Clara has the wonderful gift to hold space and to give a moment the chance to unfold itself. In the coachings it was always fascinating for me how she would intuitively truly see me and recognize things. Through the sessions I now feel more connected to myself. I feel myself more as a whole, as she has included more than just my words in the coachings. Because of that, my own ability to perceive myself has become more subtle and I can sense even smaller shifts and changes when they happen in me.”


“Clara has the capacity to quickly create a deep space of trust. She manages to invite emotions bring things in motion with her calm and empathic voice. One really realizes that she has access to both well-established knowledge and experiences. I experienced my session as being extremely enriching! Meaning: ten out of five possible review stars”


“My exchanges with Clara have unlocked many hidden doors within me. What fascinates me most about her, is her natural gift to approach even the most difficult themes gently and a kind tenderness that I have rarely seen. She also sees to the heart of things quickly and in her presence I feel safe to go there too.”


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